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by : VAL

Thursday, January 17, 2013

confusion :')

Hi guys, welcome back ^^
well, today I wanna to share to you about one thing that I think this is important  :)

topic of this day
is LOVE. 
What is the meaning of love actually?   How it feels? How it works?
let share it together ^^

firstly, love is abstract. why so? cause sometimes love can be enjoyable, but sometimes can be hurt too.  Even its hurting yourself, you still consider that you can always accepting that way. is blind, right? then, love is fool when you never wanna to listen what another people say about your sweetheart, you always think that one day your sweetheart can change him/her bad habits. At all, you don't care about all things that happens around you..your life only centered on her/him. Without him, you think your life is're nothing! You need her/him more than everything. So that's a reason why love is drug. So...what is love ? for me love are implied, indefinable with words and also complex too :) 

sometime love is not must have it. It means that when we love someone, but we can't have him/her to be our mate. How lucky we are when we can have someone to be our mate. But if we can't? We still lucky, cause we will understand love isn't must have it :) 

Well, all of us are only an ordinary human that created by God. God create us with perfect there are plus and minus on us. But God give us one thing in common..what is it? it's LOVE. I believe that God create us are in pairs, so that's the function of love; to bring together with our own mates. If we met our own mates, our feeling would be great ;) 

come to those who still have the hope of love even though they have been disappoint and betray. Maybe God wants us to meet the wrong people before meeting the right people. So, we should know how to say thanks to God for that Gift. It hurts to love someone who doesn't love us but that will be the most painful things is when he/she has been with us but he/she doesn't happy at all :')

SO if you love someone, keep him/her...don't let everything or even everyone hurt him/her. take care of him/her :)

with love, 



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