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by : VAL

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tonight..I miss him so bad :'

hi guys  welcome back ^^
actually...this is maybe unimportant for all of you guys, but ... I don't know, for's still important :D
well, I just wanna share to all of you guys about my feeling tonight :(
It's very abstract and I don't know what should I do ..I still miss him like another day ago :( and i feel that, i don't need that feeling anymore :')
so guys, if you miss someone that will be better if you send him/her a message, and open the conversation firstly :) don't be like me...I'm afraid, hahaha~ :')

so good luck guys, good night ;)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

GNOSIS Szint-beloved teacher :*

hola, hola, hola Guten Tag guys  ^^
well, now... I wanna to share to you guys about a woman who dedicate her life to be a teacher in one of senior high school in my city :)
so, did you remember guys about my latest posting- "Adinda Dewi Shanti :* thanks :')"? so, I wanna all of you know about her, about how wonderful she is :*
For me, she's very great! cause she's taft, she always give her students much advice, she's kind, have great personality, she's amazing ^^ and if you wanna to share to something, you can share to me, she's very great person, great teacher :D
so, this is her blog ...if you wanna know more about her, just come to her blog ;)

twin? it's us ;) xoxo :*

Holla guys ^^
welcome back :D
today, i wanna to share to you guys about my twiiiiiin when I was in Senior High School :* actually, she isn't real my twin like sibling, but...she's really like me ^^ if someone who never know us at all, they always said that we are twin :D
well I wanna to introduce, her name is Rivanti Santiara, she's very cute girl...she has a lot of kind personality..she doesn't have small bodies like me, but she's amazing!
You wanna know more about her? see her blog right now, maybe you can find a lot of wonderful things about her :
then, this is one of our picture that was taken a few month ago...I miss you guys, all of you are great! I'm proud of you guys :*
My twin, my friend and me xoxo ^^


Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Script-The Man Who Can't be Moved

Hello guys ^_^
now, I wanna share to you about  a good song come from The Script with the title 'The Man Who Can't be Moved'
For me especially, this song kept a lot of memories about someone, and when I was listening to this song I knew that my tears have been flowed out :)
well, check it out guys..I hope you can enjoy to listen to this music below ;)


Owl City ft Carly Rae Jepsen-Good Time

Hi, Hi, Hi..xoxo ^_^
now is my free time

Sour Candy-Carly Rae Jepsen ft Josh Ramsay

Holla, welcome back guys ^_^
today I wanna share to you about

regret it? There are no way to return back anymore

hi guys, welcome back ^^
Gute Nacht *is it right? ^_^* I wanna to share a lot of things that happened to me, but I only can share to you about two things :) check it out, guys ;)