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Friday, October 5, 2012

Already Gone-Kelly Clarkson

   hi guys ....
today i wanna to share to you about one of the song that i like :)
but I'm sorry if this posting are same with my latest posting *I forget* XD
so, please enjoy this song guys ;)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tonight..I miss him so bad :'

hi guys  welcome back ^^
actually...this is maybe unimportant for all of you guys, but ... I don't know, for's still important :D
well, I just wanna share to all of you guys about my feeling tonight :(
It's very abstract and I don't know what should I do ..I still miss him like another day ago :( and i feel that, i don't need that feeling anymore :')
so guys, if you miss someone that will be better if you send him/her a message, and open the conversation firstly :) don't be like me...I'm afraid, hahaha~ :')

so good luck guys, good night ;)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

GNOSIS Szint-beloved teacher :*

hola, hola, hola Guten Tag guys  ^^
well, now... I wanna to share to you guys about a woman who dedicate her life to be a teacher in one of senior high school in my city :)
so, did you remember guys about my latest posting- "Adinda Dewi Shanti :* thanks :')"? so, I wanna all of you know about her, about how wonderful she is :*
For me, she's very great! cause she's taft, she always give her students much advice, she's kind, have great personality, she's amazing ^^ and if you wanna to share to something, you can share to me, she's very great person, great teacher :D
so, this is her blog ...if you wanna know more about her, just come to her blog ;)

twin? it's us ;) xoxo :*

Holla guys ^^
welcome back :D
today, i wanna to share to you guys about my twiiiiiin when I was in Senior High School :* actually, she isn't real my twin like sibling, but...she's really like me ^^ if someone who never know us at all, they always said that we are twin :D
well I wanna to introduce, her name is Rivanti Santiara, she's very cute girl...she has a lot of kind personality..she doesn't have small bodies like me, but she's amazing!
You wanna know more about her? see her blog right now, maybe you can find a lot of wonderful things about her :
then, this is one of our picture that was taken a few month ago...I miss you guys, all of you are great! I'm proud of you guys :*
My twin, my friend and me xoxo ^^


Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Script-The Man Who Can't be Moved

Hello guys ^_^
now, I wanna share to you about  a good song come from The Script with the title 'The Man Who Can't be Moved'
For me especially, this song kept a lot of memories about someone, and when I was listening to this song I knew that my tears have been flowed out :)
well, check it out guys..I hope you can enjoy to listen to this music below ;)


Owl City ft Carly Rae Jepsen-Good Time

Hi, Hi, Hi..xoxo ^_^
now is my free time

Sour Candy-Carly Rae Jepsen ft Josh Ramsay

Holla, welcome back guys ^_^
today I wanna share to you about

regret it? There are no way to return back anymore

hi guys, welcome back ^^
Gute Nacht *is it right? ^_^* I wanna to share a lot of things that happened to me, but I only can share to you about two things :) check it out, guys ;)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

ces domaines soient appartient à Valerie

hi guys, welcome back :) long time no see..
now, i just wanna introduce my new blog .... 
my blog name : ces domaines soient appartient à Valerie

more simple, more attractive XD

come, and give me some advice :D
and u can share everything u want, there XD
bye guys :D

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adinda Dewi Shanti :* thanks :')

      "Untuk murid-muridku tersayang kelas XII , selamat ya, ujian sekolahnya berakhir, semoga kalian mendapatkan ilmu dan nilai yang baik, dan persiapkan diri kalian untuk UNAS april depan, jaga kesehatan, mental, rohaninya, DOA harus istiqomah.sholatnya jangan ketinggalan, semoga sukses unasnya, dan yang terpenting lagi, bukan unasnya tapi menjadi apa nanti diri kalian,dan semoga menjadi manusia yang b...erguna bagi sesama, selalu dibutuhkan dimana saja, dan Alloh selalu bersama kalian ...amiin...(jadi sedih) Wishnu Ajie Prayoga, Ahmad Zainul L E, Sholehuddin Al-Ghozali
Al-Ishaqi , Tania Bonita Rosyardi , Muhammad Syarifudin Ali , Yosi Aprihan Jaya , Lucky Ariatami , Octa Dwi Damara, Valerie Hariadi, dan yang lainnya :)"

       I wanna to say thanks to all of my teacher ...of course to this person who gave my friends and I  a lot of spirits from her heart and her prays :') Her name is Adinda Dewi Shanti .... I think, all of my friends and I love her much :')
      to my beloved teacher :') : thanks for everything; including the lessons that you gave especially to me, and also your time to listened "my heart" :') I'll always miss you so bad :')
there are too many best teacher that I had since I came to my school, and you're ....the best teacher for me, too :* you're my everything :')

Friday, March 16, 2012

MostVisited in MyGoogleChrome :)

      Hi guys welcome back :)
now, i wanna share you about my

Monday, March 12, 2012

before ... :')

Hi guys welcome back ^^
hmm now, i wanna tell you about my activities before i sleep


       Hi guys, welcome back ^^
Actually i have many topics for today, but this is a new news from myself XD
#Really Tired#
did you know why? cause today, my mind and also my physics took the pressures from north, west, south and everywhere ~.~" oh, i have no idea

Sunday, March 11, 2012

top 8 :) #for me

Hi guys, welcome back ^^
well, i wanna share about some


      Hi guys, welcome back ^^
Now, i wanna share something

      Hi guys, welcome back ^^
now, i wanna share you a site named

manga :)

      Hi guys, welcome back ^^

now, i wanna to tell you about site's of manga online :D
actually, there are a lot of manga's site ....but

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I ♥ him

      "I think I can't to keep it anymore, i wanna to express it >,< "
Hi, welcome back guys, now, I wanna share to you about my feeling >,<
This feeling is very strong seems like the same like when i was in junior high school #i can fallin' in love again, yipppiiiieeee XD#

      So, this is my expressions when I fallin' in love with someone XD

like mirror, right? :D
me ^^

a little bit confused about how can i expressed it :D

Friday, March 9, 2012


hi guys :)
I have new information for you guys ;)
I know it from my friends, and I think you should know about this I share it :D

well, this is a facebook browser (is not browser, but WOWser #i like it ^^), named RockMelt..
this is great facebook

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Go Away Love :)

      Hi guys, welcome back :D 
Now, I wanna you to listen one of my favorite song ....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Never Know that I'm Exist ... And You Destroy it by Yourself :')

It's hurts
You makes me believe and understand that you're created are not for me
Did you know?
As long as I think about you, you never come me
As deep as I look at your face, you never realize my existence
As far as I dream about you, you never become real person for me
As often as I'm crying because of you, you never understand about what I want !

Friday, February 24, 2012

how poor she is XD

      well, today my friends and I have a group job in my house XD
there are mahardini, suina, danna, hida, rivanti, aulia fajar, and also rusli ;)
but rusli and aulia fajar couldn't come, so only the girls could come now ;)
      well, i have a funny story, and my  friend-mahardini give me permission to post her story in my blog...thanks for her XD ...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hell's Kitchen

season 6

     hi guys :)
welcome back ;)
now, I wanna share to you guys about Hell's Kitchen .... *this show is one of my favorite show*
this show, for me is a lesson ...why so? cause I think, when we see this show ....we understand how much we need to grow up ourself our time (on time or not), our heart (we can control ourself in under pressure or not), and many more :D
  then i have  to say thanks to fox and also google for this great show i ever see :) well guys, if you wanna to open the main site ...just open :

      thanks guys ;)

my beloved school-X7 part I :)

      Hi guys ...
      now, i wanna to tell you a little bit about my beloved school ever XD and let me to tell you each of them in part ^^
      I like this class so much :) cause each of us are so different, unique...and of course each of us have a strong personalities :D :D :D

hmm I can't tell you a lot guys, but maybe from pictures I wanna to give below can understand, and make conclusion by yourself ;)

some students of SETUJUH in class room (fia, val, irene, salma, deifa?, nenie, april, wisye) ^^ 

that's should be ainevarima (irene, april, nenie, val, #ariesa, #salma) ;)

that's should be michamiipootty (val, fia, shifa, #rivanti, #shinta) ;)

in front of the library ^^ (irene, chikmah, rhea, val, uwiiik)

      well, i think it's enough for today :D for the next photos...? see you soon guys ;)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


      Do you like facebook?
for me especially, I like facebook so much XD
well, if you want to make your facebook is different from the others, please open :
pssst, I use one of them ;) tell me what do you think guys ;)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

sorry for ....

      well, one time beloved teacher in IT program ask me about my Rb ...
here you are my explanations for my beloved teacher, and of course for you guys all :)
1. most of all, my Rb mean's I only ReBlog the picture...not the text ...
2. If sometimes, some of my postings are the same with the other ....i only see the others blogger text as a references..not more than that.
3. please, I'm so sorry guys...if the contents of my posting are makes you upset or something like that ...I'm just an ordinary girl ...

        guys, and of course my beloved teacher ...
i think that's all...see you next time ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Junior MasterChef Australia

      so guys, welcome back ^^
now, i wanna to tell you one of my favorite show *again* ;)
This show names Junior MasterChef Australia :D :D :D

      I like this show because 3 reason ....first, because i like eating much so i'm very happy when I see a lot of delicious food XD and second, because I'm very proud of the kids there....they can make a great taste of food in a limited time they had #one day I hope....i have a kid like one of them, can make a wonderful taste of food with their own hand :D and of course the third, because the judges are very cool too :D :D :D 

      so, if you wanna to open the main site for the further information about this show ...please open :

I believe, you'll never feel unhappy when you see this show....and I think, after you see this show you'll be proud of each of them :D

Rb from : google

       well, see you soon ....
well thanks to :
and also google :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

15.02.2012-yesterday #17+1 :)

hi guys ...
welcome back :D
now, i wanna tell you my short story about my birthday ;)

      i wanna to said thanks to God...because God always give me power to face this world :D
and of course to my parent, my brother, and my friends XD

this year, I am only celebrated with my family...but I'm so happy :D because my parent give me a pair of shoes XD

for my age now, i hope I can be more patient, I can be more stronger, I can be grow up ..hahahaha XD

so, thanks God ;)

Rb from : google

Saturday, February 4, 2012


so, let's we check it out guys ;)
when you feel, you don't want to meet your rival in your senior high school again ...but the fact, you have to meet again with your rival ...what do you think guys? so maybe, this movie can open your eyes ;)
well, I give you now a trailer from youtube...the movie's title is YOU AGAIN :)
I hope you like this, cause I like it much *this is one of movies that I like guys*..check it out ;)

but you also can open this site guys :

thanks a lot for all of them ;)

Friday, February 3, 2012

America's Next Top Model :D

      hi guys, welcome back ;)
now, I just wanna share about  one of a show that I like much :D
well, the show names America's Next Top Model :D :D :D
So, if you wanna to know more about this show, just go to the .
For me, that show is very very great show, I like it ;)
well, thanks to America's Next Top Model show, I like to watch it ;)

Rb from web

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Take Journey :)

      Let's take a journey around the world guys ;)
which place you like, tell me guys ;)


      Nice, I like it much too XD
You? Tell me what do you think guys ;)

You make me... XD

      I think that's right ...
how about you guys? what do you think ? XD

Book of Love

I like this picture about you guys ? :D

My heart

      If its happen ...what should I do? It seems like fighting with myself I think ... --"
how about you guys? ;)

Love is :)


      I think, love are like the picture above....
how about you guys? what do you think? ;)

My problem is......

      This is my problem because of you :(
how about you guys? :)

place for me? ;)

      I'm melting now XD cause i really want to say this to .... :D
how about you guys? :D :D :D

LOVE from Kahlil Gibran ;)

Rb from : .A.B.L.

       what do you think guys about this picture ? ;)

be taft-keep holding on ^^

      I have one song....this song is special for you guys ;)
Avril L.-Keep Holding On

Monday, January 30, 2012

Blood Type *AB, A, B, O* ^^

1. AB type :
AB type
2. A type :
A type

3. B type :
B type
4. O type :
O type

       well, my mother and my brother type are A father and I are O type what about you guys? Let me know that ;)

.T.W.O.M.U.S.I.C.S. :D

      Hi guys, actually I wanna to gives you more than two videos below...but I forget the tittle of the music that I want --" so yeah, i just can serve 2 tittles, and of course....I hope you like it guys ;) tell me please about your opinions after you see the videos below, guys ;)

1. Jessie J-Who's Laughing Now

2. Charice-Louder

In my sickness day :')

      thanks a lot, thanks a lot guys :') ...
yesterday was an unprecdictable's day for me :D :D :D
well, i wanna tell you my story in Indonesian, so you can read it too guys ;)
kemaren jam 4.30 sore ....aku shock banget, temen-temen sekolahku dateng ke rumah :') ada rahma sama ega, zaerina sama pacarnya, hanna, hafiz, su'ina, aulia fajar, sama sholehudin :D :D :D. Huuuaaaaa thanks a lot guys, aku seneng banget, rumahku jadi gak sepi deh kemaren, bayangin heboh banget, ada yang masih pakai seragam sekolah, ada yang mau les...hehehehe heboh heboh heboh ^.^ love you all guys, makasi banyak sudah menyempatkan buat ngejenguk aku, kalian ngebuat aku melting deh sumpah aku berasa kayak anak kecil gitu hehehe ;) thanks thanks thanks guys ;) :*

L.O.V.E ;)

Rb from : O.L.H.
      This picture is amazing, I like it much :D
      So, what do you think guys? Do you have same opinion with me or...? Let me  know that, ok? ;)

My Hope XD

Rb from : .L.L.H.
      This image make me think more about my body *I have to say thanks to God, cause God still bless me until now and I hope always keep blessing me* XD actually, I really want to have "normal" body like when I'm in JHS --" but I know too, that would not be easy to make it back like in the past >,<
     And If I have body like that's picture, I wanna to do   things like in the picture XD It's look fabulous, cause now I can't do that *I worry if I make it broken --"*
     Well, guys...wish me luck for the next time, perhaps I can make my body more better than before XD
      Then, this is my story about you? I hope you have a great story than me ;) And know what? I want to know that, so let me to know that guys ;) I'm waiting for that ;) hmm, I forget...If you have any opinion about the picture, tell me too guys ;)

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Rb from : .L.T.T.
          If in Indonesian, more exactly in Javanese I can say : hwennaaakkk'e XD
I like that statement much XD so what do you think guys? do you have same opinion with me or? Let me know that ;)


Rb from : .L.Q.R.

      Well, let me tell me you guys..this was my hope when I was a child...I mean in the past time *I can't tell you the actual time, cause it's too dangerous..whops*. But that's true, i wish i had power to ignore him like him ignore me :)
      Now for me, it's over guys ...i have no feelings anymore with him, so there are no pain, no illness, or something like that in my heart, now i'd like to laughing cause i can remember my past without crying ;)
      that's my story about you? I hope you have a story to tell to me here...and you know? I'll waiting for that guys, don't forget to tell me yours ;)


Rb from : .L.T.T.
      different? hard too remember who are they actually? ;)
yup they are a princess from disney :) but now in the picture above, they don't use gown this time :D
thanks for disney because of the story they made, and thanks to someone who can made this picture look good ;)

my love

Rb from : .L.Q.R.
    this picture are describe love for someone who's we love now i what do you think guys, tell me okay ;)

your gesture at that time was different than the picture below, so i guess now...... *for him especially*

Rb from :
 Now, let's think deep inside your heart... that's right or not? ;) check it by yourself guys :D

yogurt, kebab, ice cream, chocolate, etc.

      huaaaaaaaaaa...seriously I'm not too favorable this time >,< why so?
cause I can't eats a lot of delicious foods now, OMG --" :'(
well, I hope I can eats them as fast as possible :'(

Saturday, January 28, 2012

first time

      well, sebenarnya aku gatau apa yang terjadi...
And, buatku ini sedikit memalukan >,< of course, karena yah...badanku gak bisa di bilang kurus jadi gitu deh, hmm --"
kejadian ini kemaren pagi...And I don't know, jam pastinya berapa tapi aku inget proses kejadiannya :')

      Began, ketika aku menunggu kendaraan yang rencananya akan membawaku ke dokter...aku makan roti rasa strawberry sambil menunggunya. But, lama-lama aku merasa bahwa tanganku tidak cukup kuat untuk memegang roti itu, finally I decided untuk memberikan roti itu pada mamaku. At that time, aku merasa pusing, and I tried untuk tetap membuka mataku, tapi semuanya berasa berputar..Cause aku tidak sanggup lagi untuk membuka mataku, aku putuskan saja untuk berhenti melawannya...dan terdengar olehku suara yang nyaring di telingaku, it was seems like bed side monitor voices *alat yang biasanya ada di rumah sakit* yang memperdengarkan bahwa kita sudah tidak bernyawa lagi dan itu dalam frekuensi yang cukup lama...aku juga merasa kedinginan; sangat dingin bahkan! Lalu, aku tidak ingat apa-apa lagi :')
      ya, mamaku bilang itu pingsan..dan dari luar tubuhku mengeluarkan reaksi berupa wajah yang memutih pucat dan keringat dingin yang cukup banyak sebelum pingsan....
      itulah namanya pingsan, dan itulah yang aku rasakan kemarin :')
      Sometimes, sebelum aku merasakannya sendiri..aku melihat orang yang pingsan itu aneh...kenapa dia bisa pingsan, padahal katanya sudah sarapan? Akhirnya aku tahu, bahwa pingsan itu perhaps disebabkan karena reaksi dari tubuh kita yang mencoba bertahan tapi tidak bisa; mungkin juga karena daya tahan tubuh yang melemah... yaaa semacam baterai handphone, kalau sudah menunjukkan angka 1% dan tidak segera diisi ulang, akan shutting down segera.
     guys, maka dari  itu jaga lah kondisi kalian tetap fit selalu, jangan sampai kalian sakit yaa.... semangat ;)

Friday, January 27, 2012


Rb from : .O.Y.L.A.H.
So, if your boyfriend or your girlfriend leave you in your sadness conditions and your arduous journeys lately, you must be careful. Why? Now, please you have to remember this one ...God created us in pairs with each other to complement and share, in order to solve all problems together. Well, what's your choice now guys? ;)

Monday, January 23, 2012


Rb from : .O.Y.L.A.H.

        guys, from now ...let ourself to believes to the others. perhaps, someone do something bad things to refresh their mind from the worst day, they ever had. so, be positive person guys ;)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ingredients for love ;)

Rb from : .S.S.

whooooo, who's fallin' love now? ;) so guys, the picture above is the ingredients for love  if you have girl or boy friend now. well, good luck guys ;)

hug me baby XD

Rb from : SS :)

first, i would like to say thanks to person who upload this cool picture ;)
and then for you guys who read this posting, i just wanna to ask you .... would u like to hug it? ^^ well, i want to say... you have to be ready if u want to hug it, cause the reason is ..... XD *well, i think u know the consequence if u hug it* ^^

that's a fact T.T

       guys, welcome back :)
the first time i saw the picture above, i think...that's me T.T
why I sad? cause i think, i shouldn't told almost all the stories of me to everyone that i know so well T.T
so, that's my about you guys ? ;)

love .^. cinta?

Rb from : .O.Y.L.A.H.

      Well, i agree with Johnny Depp's quote above :')
how about you guys? I don't know what's your opinion, but even your opinion is different from me ...i just can say good luck, cause slow or fast you have to face the fact :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Memories :')

Today, 21 january 2012 is your born day. And this time I still trying, to forget a lot of bad memories about you, boy. Already 4 years ago the accidents occurred, but until now I can't forget it *I'm sorry, I can't*... The pain that I feel are too much, I hope you can understand it :')..then by the way, i want to say happy birthday for you, I hope you get all the best for you :).

        O, I forget..., for you guys i want to give 3 advices, to make all of you steps more easier than me   :). First, don't make someone feel angry with you, always say sorry if something happen to you even you are not wrong. Second, don't try to be a heroes or something like that, just let EVERYTHING flow. And last, don't ever make yourself are on a difficult situation..if now, you are on that situation don't make it more difficult than before. I think, that's all from me. I hope you can accept my advice, guys :)

Friday, January 20, 2012


well, i wanna to share you a a little bit strange thing..
this is a real story guys ...

      so, last night in my home sweet home there was a rat. my family try to caught it by used a rat-trap in our family room @22.00.
and @ 22.30, i wanna to went to restroom. And of course, because my room is close to my family room, I can see the rat-trap there..... did u know, my family trap was success! how glad we were *proook proook proook* XD
      After I saw that, I called my parents and my brothers out from their bedroom to saw our victory *because the successes to caught the rat* :D
we were very happy, and we had plan to killed the rat at that night. But each of us knew that we were very tired :( so, we decided to killed later in the morning. we did not forget to put it out from our home, we put it in outside, but the rat was still in the inside of rat-trap. And the door of rat-trap, we directed facing the wall, so the rat could not escape to anywhere. Then, my parents, my brother and I, went back to our each bedroom :) 
      And in the morning (I mean this morning) @06.00..My parents, my brother and I went out to saw the rat in the outside. But we were shocked because we did not saw the rat there >,< and the position of the rat-trap was not changed, hmm -________-. We searched in the area of rat-trap, we thought that there were holes or something like that could made the rat came out ...but there were nothing, Oh God >,<
      My mom and I guess, the rat last night was not a rat, but a ghost ..... but my father and my brother want us to be a positive person!
     then, my mom and i agree with my father and my, all of us agree, that just an accident :).

so, we have to be a positive person, even the rat last night is a real ghost...what's the matter? So just take it easy, we and them actually have a same world but different region :D

Thursday, January 19, 2012

replaced? no way :D

         kalau kamu tak ingin terganti, maka jadilah dirimu sendiri, dan jangan pernah berubah menjadi lebih buruk dari sebelumnya ;) 

don't let ...

      this picture is tell us about someone's possibility ....someone can hurt us, if we let them >,<
so take care, guys ;) 

thanks for the picture to :

musik and music :)

hello world :D 
well, now i wanna to give u 5 songs.. This songs are more and less can describes the conditions of me :D but of course, thanks before for 5 of them below :) i like yours much :D

1. Kelly Clarkson-Mr. Know It All

2. Avril Lavigne-Wish You Were Here

3. Bruno Mars-Lighters 

4. Rihanna ft. Akon-Emergency Room

5. Jordin Sparks-Next to You

Sunday, January 15, 2012

when I was TK :)

cute right :)
      Hey, guys ....
first of all, i wanna to say thanks to Tokyo Hongo Rotary Club, cause of them I can found this picture :) *Arigatō* ^^
This is my picture when I was TK in Dharma Wanita ITS :D
I asked my mom, and she said ...that's true, that's my picture ...not bad :D :D :D
and I'm very happy to know that i can draw a picture XD

well, thanks a lot to : 
Tokyo Hongo Rotary Club-Japan
cause kept my picture until now,, arigatoo :)